About Our Remote Services

We specialise in remote services, such as telephone consultations and video consultations, but can also offer our services in our own clinics or on client sites, should face-to-face consultations be required. Our telephone and video consultation services offer a modern, quick paperless service delivery, so that managers are able to make informed decisions regarding their employees.

The telephone consultation service and the video consultation service enable us to offer a friendly and prompt service. All audio from these consultations are recorded for consent and compliance purposes. We can also undertake both statutory and non-statutory medicals nationwide, using both our own and associate clinics. We are RISQS accredited enabling us to undertake Railway Medicals.

Sickness Absence Management

OH Protect can help you reduce the disruption, loss of productivity and general management time wasted dealing with sickness absence issues.  We can help to facilitate the much faster return-to-work of your employees after a spell of sickness absence than otherwise would be the case if things were left to run their own course.

Concerns About Employee

These referrals are for when a manager has concerns about an employee – before there is any sickness absence – to pick up if there has been loss of productivity, there are concerns about an employee or manager is aware of on-going issues.

Referrals for Information

This is so managers can then have an idea as to how long the absence is expected to take and have the option to refer for a review appointment if person has not returned within the expected timescale.

Ill Health Retirement

On occasion employees will have significant long-standing health issues. A referral for advice on Ill Health Retirement (IHR) will ensure that a manager is aware of whether an employee may qualify for ill health retirement or not.